Rights, Responsibillity and The Promise of Instant Gratification

by Sammy's Fatal Mistake

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released September 9, 2009



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Track Name: Once Upon A Time We Had A Scene
Will It be whiskey or wine when you're older?
Settling scores or telling stories of old days, those were the days.
Moving on doesn't mean that you have to give in.
A little positivity is all that is needed, it goes a long way.
I don't know why it's tough for you to,
Say that it's all that we needed tonight.
Old friends, good times, broken hearts and lovers.
Do you remember all those songs that we fell in love to, those were the days.
A simple melody that brought a smile to our face.
No worries, no troubles just a song we could sing to, it goes a long way.
Don't take life o so serious,
Enjoy yourself and feel it.
Track Name: Initonit
Different day, different day but the same old pigs are everywhere.
Obeying orders without question, you have no back bone.
You say we hide behind our masks, well your masks awe lenses,
The put down the camera either join us or be prepared to fight us.
Brace yourself 'cause right now we'll tell the truth of just how we feel about you,
You're a liar, a fake, a cheat, yeah a fucking snake,
A mindless individual, reckless in your words and actions.
So is this how it's going to end?
Will you be defeated against your will?
Suppresses amongst us, some people fall silent through intimidation.
You must be blind not to see it's time for their new world order.
Start to think for yourself, either come join us or be prepared to fight us.
Track Name: While We Wept, While We Trembled, While We Danced
So what;s the point in even trying?
You know we'll never change a thing.
This world is poisoned to the core,
The rotting never seems to end.
Driven by greed and hate for others,
And their desire to profiteer.
Through shock and violence any means,
But the change is you and me.
We're the people, we're the power,
You know our strength lies in our numbers.
We're the people, we're the power,
We'll fight on until the end.
As hard as they try, you know we'll never give in.
We'll always look forward, we'll fight on and on and on.
We'll let our voices resonate, the power of the people can change anything.
Track Name: Republica
We'll rise and fight you anywhere.
Don't stand in silence, make your voice heard today.
Don't follow blindly, rebel, create a spark and celebrate.
It's time this social movement took a new turn,
Round up the A.C. punks we need direct at ion now.
It's time to fight back, time to fight them fucking hard,
And time for all that came to stand up and be counted in the ranks.
We've got a lot to learn, but even more to live for.
It's time we broke these chains and headed for a better day.
The sound of revolution in our hearts should me you think,
Shout it form the rooftops.
We'll rise and fight you anytime,
We'll rise and fight you anywhere.
Track Name: Armed To The Teeth
Armed with these words, two guitars, drum and bass,
We'll find a little more about who you really are.
We've got all night, let's make sure that it's right,
But all good things have endings.
We've only got ourselves to blame for this,
Yes everything is overrated.
With open arms we tried to involve you,
To find a little more about who you really are.
But when it comes down to it you're just like all the rest.
Yes, all good things have endings.
So good to say goodbye,
So good to say goodbye, farewell.
Track Name: Let's Lay This Punk To Rest
Right now, in our opinion your lack of conviction is beginning,
To shed some light on this situation, an alarming rise with lack of confrontation.
We won't settle for anything else, actions speak louder than words.
Who's side are you really on?
Let's see your true colours, let's see what you're made of.
Hope lies in you and me now, so let your voice stay strong and never waiver.
It's up to us to try and make a difference, collectively we're stronger and with vision.